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Sabrina Ramos Vitoratti is a Fusion and FCBD® Style dancer from Brazil and she teaches these two dance styles at Hamsa Dance School. Her dance journey started in 2012, in Caxias do Sul – Brazil, learning Fusion Bellydance with her teacher Gabriela de Lima. After a few years, they started to coordinate together the Estilo Tribal Caravan dance group. In 2018, she did her Fusion Dance Graduation with the well known dancer Joline Andrade. During this time in Brazil, she also took classes and workshops from different dance styles as Pole Dance, Jazz Dance, Flamenco, Bharatanatyam Indian Dance, Hip Hop Dance, Contemporary Dance, Sensual Hip Dance and Bellydance. In Poland she had the opportunity to learn from amazing names as Kae Montgomery, Michelle Sorensen, Kenzi Orchidaceae, Yuka Sakata, Violet Scrap, Philippa Moirai, Dominika Marko, Alexis Southall, Manca Pavli, Maria Fomina, Moria Chappell, Ethel Anima and Mariana Olaechea from Bravata Flamenco Fusion.

Her first contact with FCBD®Style was in 2014, in an intensive workshop with the teacher Lilian Kawatoko and years later, in Warsaw, she started her studies at Hamsa Dance School with the teachers Agata Zakrzewska, Karolina Gierula and Katarzyna Lidia Weichert. Considering her fast evolution in this dance style, she was invited to join The Siren Society FCBD® Style Dance Group and to teach at Hamsa School as well. Nowadays she keeps her studies in Fusion and FCBD® Style together with The Siren Project dialect with fan and manton.

About her classes, she really enjoys the creative and personal expression possibilities that the Fusion Bellydance permits. Together with the technique itself, she likes to explore the feelings, especially in mysterious, dark and pagan vibes. She likes to keep these vibes in her FCBD® Style classes too, but she is also a huge fan of dynamic and energetic performances, so you can expect lots of cardio work!