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This event lists classes that are held in English (or Flow classes with no talking) – we welcome our local English-speaking students, as well as any international friends to join us!
For classes in Polish visit: look here!

The classes will take place in the form of live streams on private groups on facebook especially made for this purpose. Some of the classes will be recorded in advance and published at fixed time – all of them you can watch, repeat, practise with them when you want until July 10th.

Teachers will post some additional materials, videos and inspirations in the group, and be available for you, in case you have any questions. You can also record minivideos from your trainings and ask the teacher for feedback.

You need only a facebook profile – we will send you the link to your group, you will have to add yourself to have access to online classes (it doesn’t have to be your real profile – it can be under a different name etc., but please let us know then)
Classes will be prepared to suit the small space – we practise in our living rooms, bedrooms, in front of bathroom mirrors – we can do this!

– write an e-mail to:
– write a name/code of the chosen online course (for example HO72 etc.)
– after getting the answer from us make a bank transfer – paypal is also possible
– you will receive a link to a private group on fb from us – you need to add yourself
– when payments are done, the admin will approve you and then you are free to dance with us!

Classes will appear in those dates, but you can also watch them later, till September 15th! All times and hours are given in Central European Summer Time

HO69S MAWOUD – DANCING TO TARAB MUSIC with Dominika Suchecka
Raqs sharki choreography + tips for interpretation and improvisation
Mondays, August 17, 24 and 31, 7:30-9pm CET
Unique cycle of 3 lessons with Dominika on dancing to tarab music.

After Oum Kalthoum’s ‚Enta Omri’ (instructional videos from this course are still available! ) it comes the time for us to dance to a song from another legendary singer’s repertoire – Abdel Halim Hafiz!  Ab’ Halim is one of the mostly beloved and adored MENATH singer of all times and his songs are played in almost every raqs sharki (bellydance) show in Cairo. There is this special sweetness, tenderness, class and truly Egyptian feeling carried by his voice and and hidden in those melodies that require the dancer to interpret it with great sensibility, feeling and open heart. During our lessons once again we will dive into interpretation of tarab music consisting of – technique of different raqs sharqi movements, steps, turns and stylish decorations and – musicality – matching the technique with particular parts of the song to build tension and transmit feeling of the music to your audience. Dominika will also share her tips and conduct few exercises that will help you to listen and understand the music better as well as and facilitate the flow of your dance improvisation which is so important in your daily practice and on stage.

PRICE: 120zł / 32 usd/eur (this price includes all 3 classes)

HO77 ATS/FCBD® Style Dialect: FAN VARIATIONS of Devi Mamak’s steps  – IN ENGLISH – Katarzyna Lidia
Thursday 27th of August
Extend fan dialect with this amazing Devi steps! Her’s fast (and some slow) steps have great flamenco feeling which we love in The Siren Project! Learn with Katarzyna new variations and enrich your dialect improvisation.
PRICE: Sliding scale 18-35 EUR/USD



HO69 BELLYDANCE: INTA OMRI, tarab music – theory and choreography – with Dominika Suchecka
Mondays 8, 15, 22 of June, 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. CET
Unique cycle of 3 lessons with Dominika on dancing to tarab music.
In this course we will mainly focus on modern oriental dance interpretation of song from repertoire of iconic Egyptian singer Oum Kalthoum. In this course Dominika will teach her choreography to one of the most famous Oum Kalthoum’s songs ‚Enta Omri’ sang by one of the most mesmerizing female voices of contemporary Egypt Amal Maher. The choreophy is full of modern oriental technique, useful combinations, exciting transitions and allows variety of feelings to be transmitted by the dancer. Dominika will also share basic rules of dance interpretation of classical Arabic music both live and recorded and tips for and unforgettable and soulful raqs sharqi performance.

HO08N: ORIENTAL DANCE (Egyptian style) advanced level with Dominika Suchecka
Tuesdays 2, 9, 16 of June , 6:00-7:15pm (CET)
Classical egyptian style technique, new shaabi and tarab choreographies, searching for your own style in oriental dance, improvisation, learning how to interpret Arabic music.
PRICE 90zł

HO19C: PERSIAN DANCE open level with Apsara Afsanesara IN ENGLISH!
Wednesdays June 3, 10, 17, 7:00-8:30pm CET
Persian dance is a mixture of lyrical coquetry, emotions and dreamy surrealism. The dancer enchants the audience with sophisticated gestures, spectacular spins and subtle expression, floats through the stage like a butterfly, telling stories of love, longing, beauty and pain. Light like a silk veil, charming like gazelle, while dancing she incarnates the poetic idea of persian culture. This class will include technique, combinations and a new choreography. The video will stay available until July 10th, you can watch it any time that is convenient for you.
PRICE 112,50 PLN

HO72 ATS®/FCBD® Style with Manton – The Siren Project style with Agata Zakrzewska IN ENGLISH!
Thursdays July 9 and 16, 5pm-6:15pm CET
Two brand new classes intended for people who already learned the majority of the dialect and wish to learn some new steps, as well as work on details and transitions. There will be a long flow part included – an opportunity to follow Agata and get some new musicality inspirations.
PRICE: choose between 18-40 USD/EUR

HO68 SKIRT LOVE – fusion choreography
Wednesdays June 10 and 17, 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
New, joyful skirt choreography. We will be dancing to „Gypsy Love” by Light in Babylon. This dynamic choreo will combine Egyptian dance, Fusion bellydance, FCBD® Style, drawing inspiration from various skirt dialects and formats and a touch of Romani dance and Flamenco dance. Open level – for anyone who has at least 6 months of experience in any dance style.
The class will be taught in Polish and in English, for the comfort of our local and international participants.

Whole course of ATS®/FCBD® Style Movement Dialect with Flamenco Fan  The Siren Project style with Katarzyna Lidia /IN ENGLISH!
HO41 Introduction to dance with fan and fist steps (1:15h) 9 USD or 8 EUR
HO41M Steps and combos with fan (intermediate level)(2,5H) PRICE sliding scale 20-40 USD/EUR
HO41N Advance Steps and combos based on FCBD dialect and The Siren Project variations (3H) PRICE sliding scale 25-40 USD/EUR
HO41C Fast steps (3H) PRICE sliding scale 25-40 USD/EUR

HO74 ATS/FCBD® Style Dialect with fan – Dancing in Flow® with Katarzyna Lidia IN ENGLISH
Thursday July 2, 7:45 – 8:45pm CET
No talking, just an hour of pure bliss, following your teacher. Take your fan and use skills gained during workshops with Katarzyna in flow!
PRICE: 30 pln

HO75 ATS/FCBD® Style Dialect with fan: Flamenco fusion choreo with Katarzyna Lidia IN ENGLISH
Thursdays July 9 and 16, 6:15- 7:45pm CET
Caroi (Misturas) – Flamenco inspired fusion choreography with fan. Learn a choreography to the mesmerizing and dramatic Caroi song with strong turning points and with rich emotional palette. The choreo is based on FCBD® dialect with fan (the Siren Project), flamenco inspired fusion combos and also on selected Devi Mamak steps that will be broken down according to your needs. We will also work on musicality and various options that can be used in the dialect.
Advanced level in FCBD® The Siren Project dialect is required.
PRICE: choose between 25-40 EUR/USD

HO21C: ATS®/FCBD® Style for beginners + with Karolina Gierula
Fridays June 12 and 19 7:30 – 9:00 p.m.  CET
We continue polishing the basics and gradually add to our movement vocabulary.

HO71: QAJAR DANCE PROJECT with Apsara Afsanesara (open level)
Sunday 14th of June at 5:00-7:00 p.m. (2h) CEST
Apsara prepared a project dedicated to Persian dance of Qajar period (reconstructed court dance of Qajar period in Iran – XVIII-XX century). This dance is a highly sophisticated form based on Iranian social dances. It’s characterized by contrast between very fluid movements and sharp, isolated accentuation of music. Important part of the dance is „naz” –persian coquetry. There are also pantomime movements. This workshop will focus on “ruhouzi” style. No props will be necessary.



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